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The River Fine Arts

Fostering Creativity

The River Fine Arts focuses on building well-rounded students who can use their passion for the arts to serve God and others.

Register for Our Classes 

Tuition & Fees​

Dance/Theatre/Art Tuition:

     30 minute class: $50 per month

     45 minute class: $60 per month

      60 minute class: $70 per month

Additional Classes:

     2nd Class: $40

     3rd Class: $35

     4th Class: $30

     5 or more classes: $20 each

Registration (one time only): $25 per student/$50 per family

Art Supply Fee: $50 per semester

Dance Ministry Supply Fee: $30 per semester

(Dance Ministry has no tuition charge)

Need shoes? Tights? Use this link to view our dress code items and purchase dancewear for all of our dance classes.

Class Schedule

Dance Ministry Program

    Ministry is at the heart of The River, and we are excited to be beginning our Dance Ministry Program in August of 2021. These classes are offered tuition-free and require only a $30 supply fee per semester. Dance Ministry students will perform in the community as well as at all studio-wide performances- but this special class is much more than just performances. Each class includes time for bible study, dance, and fellowship and each class will be involved in service and ministry projects throughout the year. Call or email for more details!

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